What Items People Take from Hotels

Its common knowledge that hotels are filled with items such as shampoo, stationary, pens, and other travel sized items. It’s also common knowledge that some people end up taking those items when they leave because it’s free stuff right? But what are some of the most common items that are taken from troncones hotels, and why do people take them?

First, sheets and towels are taken because let’s be honest, there’s something about that hotel bed that just makes it so soft! Why not take that comfort home with you? Several hotels have included mini-trackers inside of their sheets that are scanned at the front door. So, to avoid an awkward moment, just leave the comfort behind.

Toiletries are also among the items that are the most stolen, and most of them are in travel sized bottles. If they didn’t want to go home with you, why are they the perfect size to fit in your bag? The size of these toiletries has gotten bigger in recent years, and many hotels are putting them in jars to ensure that they won’t be suitable for travel.

Some people even take the “Do not disturb” signs, while it might be justified due to the fact that some of these people probably don’t want to be disturbed, it’s still theft. Plus, you can print out your own sign to hang on the door for barely any money at all.

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Other items that have been stolen include lamps, mirrors, hangers, bathrobes, and even remote controls. Hotel theft is a problem, even if most people think it is harmless. So while the life of living in a hotel might be glamorous, use it as a way to motivate yourself to take another vacation, and don’t try to bring anything home.